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Thegreenchild is supporting families in rural communities who are a deprived of contemporary health information that can prevent against infectious diseases.
We aim at reaching twelve millions children in rural areas by 2026.


Pneumonia accounts for 15% of all deaths of children under 5 years old, killing 808, 694 children in 2017, Says WHO.


Malaria is the world’s third most deadly disease for young children between the ages of one month and 5 years, following Pneumonia and diarrhea. In 2017, approximately 266,000 children under the age of 5 died of the disease, accounting for 61 per cent of global malaria deaths-UNICEF. Communities in sub-Saharan Africa have a leading record of all total deaths caused by malaria around the world. Deaths caused by malaria in Nigeria is recorded to be over 23% compared to sister states which is at a low rate.


Thegreenchild aims at providing insecticide-treated mosquito nets to over one million homes in Nigeria by 2026, taking a fair share in a global fight against malaria the third deadly killer disease. By this action Thegreenchild is shielding over seven million children and adults alike, having over 80% to be children against malaria infection. Thegreenchild is reaching more people in rural areas with relevant information amidst the Covid-19 pandemic on ways to put up preventive measures against some of the infectious diseases they face.
Water is very essential to human life. Humans can only last days without water. In fact, research has shown that one could die without drinking water for four days.
Report has shown that many regions in different countries around the world are still suffering from diseases like, typhoid fever, malaria fever, polio and other related disease from waters that are contaminated, as confirmed by WHO.
Today governments and civil society organizations are making remarkable effort to achieve the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as well as for SDG 6 - which is to ‘Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all’ by the year 2030.
Around the world estimated to be 1.8 billion people now use ...


Thegreenchild is providing rural dwellers with information on how to disinfect their water, thereby making it safe for drinking, and also ensuring the provision of good water in communities that have no access to water that is safe for drinking. By this action, Thegreenchild aims at reducing the millions of child deaths caused by polluted water every year.


Education is a right for every child globally. However, Thegreenchild frowns at and is against the level of abuses and maltreatment some children in institutions of learning will have to face in the institution that should be shielding them against abuses and insecurity.
The level of uneducated people in the third world countries is heartbreaking. Thegreenchild strives to close the gap by providing a ticket to a green future. This ticket is the provision of educative materials amongst other related learning and skills. We have distributed thousands of study materials in Nigeria to children and teenagers. In a bid to shield them from lack of standard libraries, we are making provisions, showing solidarity and joining hands with local and international organizations for the development of children in rural areas. Thegreenchild is determined to shield every child globally for a green future.

Primary Education

In this early stage of a child’s life, while having a good root in education, it is also important that the child’s environment be safe for learning, free from fear, depression and torment.

Secondary Schools

At this stage, a child is maturing fast and developing certain foreign features. Thegreenchild is ensuring that there is a green group in every secondary school to make ...


The ages of teenagers being admitted into the university is reducing by the day. This makes them prone to abuse and mental stress. We want to solve these issues by empowering...

Student Registry

Thegreenchild is maintaining a registry of students from their early years in education, evaluating their performances, making...

Resource centres

Thegreenchild is establishing resource centers with libraries and databank for the use of indigent children.


Thegreenchild is partnering with national and international organizations, government at all levels with respect to development ...

Our Achievments Made So Far

Over the years we have reached to many children in all over the 36 states of the Federation and also over see their academic activities and their right as the citizens of the country.

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Jobs Creation
Human's Right Issues
Awards of Excellent Won

Our Past Programs

Here are our current programs running in different Institutions within the states. We ensure practical training at all times with our well equipped facilities.
Child Protection

Child protection for every child is a must, this includes shielding every child against all forms of abuse which include: Read More

The International Literacy Day

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