COVID-19 pandemic, TheGreenchilds' Resonse

Our Response Teach a Child for 60sec

Across the thirty six states in Nigeria, the pandemic, Coronavirus had massive effects worldwide on education. At some point, there was a total lockdown which led to the immediate closure of schools across the country, primary, secondary and tertiary institutions alike.
Upon the advent of the virtual learning, over 60% of students were denied access to education for months due to inability to access the internet for various reasons ranging from insufficient funds to poor reception from the network providers.
Since schools were shut down and children were denied access to one of their essential vitamins, which is education, Thegreenchild launched a campaign *"teach a child for 60 minutes"* a programme that included volunteers from across the country, in different walks of life, different backgrounds and status quo went all out to teach children for sixty minutes. Location was no barrier as our volunteers reached out to children reached where ever they may be found, thereby making every child's future green again.

Thegreenchild's Response Handwashing Awareness
Thegreenchild is at the front line, adhering to the Covid-19 guidelines, and helping children to understand the importance of hand washing as part of the safety measures against the Covid-19 virus. The hand washing awareness programme was essential as children were taught how to wash their hands properly under a running water for at least twenty seconds, according to #WHO. This brought about a massive decrease in the number of children who would have contacted the coronavirus.

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