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Globally 258 million children, adolescents and youth are out of school says, UNESCO.
According to UNICEF’s report, an estimation of 13.2 million children are not in school.
Goodluck Stephen is adding up the number of out of school children in Nigeria and even in the global record.
Thegreenchild is affirmative that the total number of out of school children could even be more than the present figure.
During the child’s future campaign in 2019, Thegreenchild recorded that nearly six in ten children who were found hawking on the streets in Rivers State, Nigeria was because their parents could not pay for school fees, uniforms and books.
Goodluck is with hopes of becoming an engineer if given the opportunity to be in school again. We are pleased that he is not asking for arms, but pen, books and to learn in an inclusive environment.
Thegreenchild will not look away, but will provide an education support fund that will at least give Goodluck a fair chance in the society.
This is the story of a young teenage girl, named Happiness Gordon. Happiness is only seventeen years, and she is already with an unborn child. Happiness may not be able to continue with her education, until her child is born, and even after, we fear she may not further her education as she will be burdened with the welfare of her new born child. The story might end differently for her and for every teenager who are in the same circumstance.

Thegreenchild’s response

We do not want to look away from a teenage girl like Happiness, Thegreenchild will ensure a safe delivery of her baby, and present Happiness the opportunity to go back to school, giving her an equal chance in life with every child, thereby making her future green again.

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