Thegreenchild is open to corporate partnerships, and this include: Government at all levels, non-governmental organizations, companies, corporate foundations and other private organizations to shield every child globally for a green future.
THEGREENCHILD is a leading organization on purpose discovery for all children globally, which is the number one mandate of Thegreenchild.
We have recorded some accomplishments with the Support from philanthropists, corporate organizations and companies.

Areas to partner with Thegreenchild

As a professional:

you can partner with Thegreenchild as an expert in community health, social worker, counselor, legal practitioner and other related fields.

Policy Advocacy:

Joining your voice with Thegreenchild to advocate for better policies at all levels that can give every child a better chance to thrive, thereby making every child’s future green again.


Channeling convenient support for the work of Thegreenchild, in any forms which includes: grants, materials, paying a company directly for a product needed by Thegreenchild for children, and donating directly to Thegreenchild, Thegreenchild always keep clear path for all partners for close monitoring on where and how their funds are spent

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